This page shows the Book of Mormon verses that incorporate text from the King James Version of the Bible. In verses that directly quote the Bible, whether attributed by Book of Mormon narrators or not, the table shows which words were deleted from the source KJV verse and which words were added by the Book of Mormon verse. See “About KJV in the Book of Mormon” for more information about KJV text in the Book of Mormon, what we used for source text material, and where we found most of the mappings between Book of Mormon and KJV verses.

Verses to show:
All Book of Mormon verses that incorporate text from KJV verses
Verses with only a matching or similar KJV phrase
Verses that directly copy a KJV verse


Options for verses that directly copy a KJV verse:
Deletions and insertions (show words deleted from Bible verses and new words added by the Book of Mormon)
Deletions only
Insertions only

Words marked like this indicate either a punctuation change or a word that differed only in case (e.g. LORD in the Bible but Lord in the Book of Mormon)
Click on the reference in the first column to display the full Book of Mormon and KJV text side by side. When comparing only shared phrases, the shared phrases will be highlighted.
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